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Mathematics plays a pivotal role in various professional areas such as Engineering, Teaching, Probationary Officers, Management, Accountancy, Statistics, Insurance etc. Expertise in Mathematics ensures a promising career. Hence it is essential to master the subject from start itself. We at Testpaperz provides you a collection of ICSE Board class 9 Maths Previous Years School/ Sample Question Papers and Chapter wise practice Test papers . The test papers/question papers will prepare you for the exams. ICSE Board class 9 Maths Previous Years School/ Sample Question Papers and Chapter wise practice Test papers are given below. Download the question papers and kick start your preparations.

ICSE Class 9 Maths course covers:

  • Pure Arithmetic: Rational and Irrational Numbers

  • Commercial Mathematics: Compound Interest and its use cases

  • Algebra: Expansions, factorisation, Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables, Indices/Exponents, logarithm form vis a vis exponential form, laws of logarithm and its uses.

  • Geometry:

  • Triangles:

    • Congruency
    • Problems based on angles which are opposite equal sides are equal, when two sides of triangle are unequal then smaller angle is opposite the smaller side and converse, sum of two sides of the triangle is always greater than third side, any straight line drawn from a point to a given line is shortest when it is perpendicular.
    • Midpoint theorem, proof and simple application, and its converse. Equal intercept theorem: proof and simple application
    • Pythagoras Theorem: Area based proof and simple applications. Converse of Pythagoras theorem.
  • Circles:Chord Properties and Arc and Chord Properties

  • Rectilinear Figures

    • Proof and use of theorems on parallelogram
    • Construction of polygons
    • Proof and use of Area Theorems on parallelograms
  • Statistics: Introduction of the topic. Collection, tabulation, presentation and graphical representation of data. Mean and Median of ungrouped data.

  • Mensuration: Perimeter and area of Triangle and quadrilateral, area and circumference of a circle. Volume and Surface areas of 3-D solids: cubes and cuboids

  • Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios, evaluation of expression involving trigonometric ratios, Simple 2-D problems involving one right-angled triangle. Concept of trigonometric ratios of complimentary angles and their direct applications.

  • Co-ordinate Geometry: Dependent and independent variable, Co-ordinates and plotting of points in the Cartesian plane, solution of Simultaneous Linear equations graphically, calculation of distance between two points using distance formula.

For exact syllabus please refer to CBSE Class 9 Board Website.

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Previous Year ICSE Class 9 maths School Question Papers

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