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ICSE Class 9 Maths Sample and Chapter-wise Question Papers

ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter-wise Question papers

ICSE Class 9 students have to study various chapters in Mathematics. TestPaperz provides various chapter-wise question papers for students to give them extra material for preparation of their course. The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics chapter-wise Question papers are provided in easy to save pdf format and are free to download. The different chapters in ICSE Class 9 Mathematics course are as follows:

  • Factorisation

  • Simultaneous linear Equations

  • Indices Exponents

  • Logarithms

  • Triangles (Congruency)

  • Isosceles Triangles

  • Inequalities

  • Mid-Point and its Converse

  • Pythagoras Theorem

  • Rectilinear Figures ( Quadrilaterals)

  • Construction of Polygons ( Using Ruler and Compass)

  • Area Theorems

  • Circle

  • Statistics

  • Mean and Median ( For Ungrouped data)

  • Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures

  • Solids ( Surface Area and Volumes of 3-D Solids)

  • Trigonometrical ratios

  • Solution of Right angled Triangles

  • Complementary Angles

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Graphical Solutions of Simultaneous Linear Equations

  • Distance Formula

ICSE Students after studying above chapters can download free practice Chapter-wise Question Papers and can use them to evaluate their preparedness.

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ICSE Class 9 Maths Sample Question papers

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Previous Year ICSE Class 9 Question papers

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