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Maharahstra Board HSC Exam class 12 Secretarial Practices Question Papers

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Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Secretarial Practice

Secretarial Practice is a skill-based subject introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to create skilled workforce. The changes in the global economy and commerce necessitates formal education in commerce and industry along with practical knowledge so that students have decent understanding of the basic concepts of the economy and its relationship with the society. It helps students appreciate that business is an integral component of society and develop an understanding of many social and ethical issues.

The objectives of Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Secretarial Practice is as follows:

  • To help students understand the business processes and its environment
  • To make students aware of the dynamic nature and inter-dependent aspects of the business
  • To acquaint students with social and economic significance of the business activity
  • To enable them to understand ethics governing the business

Secretarial Practices course can be highly relevant to people who want to pursue careers in Chartered Accountancy or as a Company Secretary. TestPaperz has compiled various previous year Maharashtra Board Class 12 HSC Question Papers to give students a preview of the type of questions and structure of the question paper. The practice of Previous year Maharashtra Board Class 12 HSC Question Papers on Secretarial Practice can be very useful in helping you prepare for your final exams. Go ahead and download these question papers free of charge and practice them at your convenience.

Previous Year Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Secretarial Practice Board Question Papers

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Secretarial Practice has 2 parts. Part I is the theory part and Part II is the project work. The syllabus* includes:

UNIT 1 Business Finance

  • Business Finance – Meaning of Business Finance, role and objectives of financial management.
  • Financial planning – Meaning and importance.
  • Capital structure – Meaning and factors.
  • Fixed capital and working capital – Meaning and factors affecting their requirements.

UNIT-2 Sources of Business Finance

Nature and significance: Financial requirements and sources. Methods of raising finance- Equity and preference shares, Debentures and Bonds, Public deposits, Retained profits, Loan from financial institutions, Loan from commercial banks, Discounting of bills of Exchange, Trade credit, American Depository Receipt, Global Depository Receipt.

UNIT-3 Role of a Secretary in the Capital Formation (Part I)

  • Meaning of issue of shares at par, issue of shares at premium and discount, at bid price
  • Meaning of Initial public offer.
  • Meaning of bonus issue
  • Meaning of rights issue
  • Meaning of Employee stock option scheme
  • Meaning of private placement.
  • Issue of shares – procedure
  • Allotment – Meaning, procedure and conditions for valid allotment
  • Transfer and Transmission of shares – Meaning, procedure, provisions, difference.
  • Issue of share certificate and share warrant – Meaning, procedure, provisions, difference.

UNIT-4 Role of a Secretary in Capital Formation (Part II)

  • Debentures – issue procedure, conversion, and redemption of debentures
  • Deposits – invitation for deposits, acceptance, renewal, repayment, default and remedies
  • Depositories and dematerialization of securities – meaning, procedure, importance, secretarial duties in the issue of securities in dematerialized form

UNIT-5 Declaration and payment of dividend

  • Meaning
  • Provisions related to finalization of dividend, declaration of dividend and payment of dividend.
  • Procedure of payment of dividend.
  • Provisions regarding unclaimed/ unpaid dividend
  • Meaning and difference of Interim and final dividend

UNIT-6 Correspondence of company secretary with depositors, members and debenture holders

  • Allotment of shares
  • Regret letter
  • Lodgement notice
  • Issue of bonus shares
  • Approval/Refusal of Transfer of shares
  • Distribution of dividend – notice
  • Allotment of debentures
  • Conversion of debentures into shares
  • Redemption of debentures
  • Payment of interest on debentures (TDS information to be given)
  • Letter thanking the investor for deposits
  • Payment of interest
  • Renewal of deposits
  • Repayment of deposits

UNIT -7 Financial markets

  • Concept of Financial market
  • Money market – nature, instruments.
  • Capital market- nature of Capital market and constituents of Capital market – primary and secondary market.
  • Distinction between money market and capital market.
  • Stock Exchange – meaning, functions, NSEI, BSE, Trading procedure.
  • Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) objectives and functions.

*For exact syllabus please refer to Maharashtra Board Website

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