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Maharahstra Board HSC class 12 Physics Board Exam Papers, School Prelim Papers and Chapterwise Testpapers

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Physics

CBSE has upgraded the curriculum of Physics for higher secondary stage. The syllabus is compatible for competitive examinations. It follows NCERT curriculum. The objective of Physics is

  • Basic conceptual understanding of the subject
  • Focus on the usage of SI units, symbols, nomenclature of physical quantities and formulations as per international standards
  • Emphasis on improving problem-solving abilities and application of the concepts

Physics is one of the logical subjects of the Sciences. Many students can score good marks in Physics by understanding the concepts and practicing them regularly. The students should try and visually explain all the answers (with charts, diagrams), note down all the important formulas and revise them on a regular basis. Lastly practicing previous year Board Question papers, School Prelim Question papers and sample papers help students get an overview on the types of questions asked. Download Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Physics Question papers free by clicking below:

Previous Year Maharashtra Board Exam HSC Class 12 Physics Question paper

Previous Year Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Physics School Prelim Question papers

Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Physics Chapter-wise Question papers

Maharashtra Class 12 Physics has two parts. Part I is the theory paper and part II is the practical paper. The syllabus* includes-:

  1. Circular motion: Angular displacement, Angular velocity and angular acceleration, Relation between linear velocity and angular velocity, Uniform circular motion, Radial acceleration, Centripetal and centrifugal forces, Banking of roads, Vertical circular motion due to earth’s gravitation, Equation for energy and velocity at different positions of vertical circular motion. Kinematical equations for circular motion in analogy with linear motion.

  2. Gravitation Newton’s law of gravitation, Projection of Satellite, Periodic time, statement of Kepler’s law of motion, binding energy and escape velocity of a satellite, Weightlessness condition in orbit, Variation of ‘g’ due to altitude, latitude, depth and motion, Communication satellite and its uses.

  3. Rotational motion Definition of M.I., Physical significance of M.I., M.I. of some regular shaped bodies about specific axes, Definition of K.E. of rotating body, Rolling motion, Radius of gyration, Torque, Principle of parallel and perpendicular axes, Angular momentum and its conservation.

  4. Oscillations Explanation of periodic motion, Simple Harmonic Motion, Differential equation of linear Simple Harmonic Motion, Projection of U.C.M. on any diameter, Phase of S.H.M., K.E. and P.E. in S.H.M., Composition of two S.H.M.’s having same period and along same line, Simple pendulum, Damped S.H.M.

  5. Elasticity General explanation of elastic property, Deformation, Plasticity, Definition of stress and strain, Poisson’s ratio, Hooke’s law, Elastic energy, Elastic constants and their relation, Determination of ‘Y’, Applications of elastic behaviour of materials, Behavior of metal wire under increasing load.

  6. Surface tension Surface tension on the basis of molecular theory, Surface tension, Surface energy, Capillarity and capillary action, Angle of contact, Effect of temperature and impurity on surface tension.

  7. Wave motion Simple harmonic progressive waves, Reflection of longitudinal and transverse waves, Change of phase, Superposition of waves, Formation of beats and Doppler effect in sound.

  8. Stationary waves Study of vibrations in a finite medium, Study of vibrations of air columns, Formation of stationary waves on string, Free and Forced vibrations, Resonance.

  9. Kinetic theory of gases and Radiation Concept of an ideal gas, Mean free path, Assumptions of kinetic theory, Derivation for pressure of a gas, Degrees of freedom, Derivation of Boyle’s law, Thermodynamics- Thermal equilibrium and definition of temperatures, Laws of thermodynamics (first and second), Refrigerators and Heat engines, Qualitative idea of black body radiation, Wein’s displacement law, Green house effect, Stefan’s law, Maxwell distribution, Law of equipartition of energy and its application to Specific heat capacities of various gases.

  10. Wave theory of light Wave theory of light, Huygens’ Principle, Construction of plane and spherical wave front, Wave front and wave normal, Reflection at plane surface, Refraction at plane surface, Polarisation, Polaroids, Plane polarised light, Brewster’s law, Doppler effect in light.

  11. Interference and diffraction Interference of light, Young’s experiment, Conditions for producing steady interference pattern, Analytical treatment of interference bands, Measurement of wavelength by biprism experiment, Diffraction due to single slit, Rayleigh’s criterion, Resolving power of a microscope and telescope, Difference between interference and diffraction.

  12. Electrostatics Gauss’ theorem proof and applications, Energy density of a medium, Mechanical force on unit area of a charged conductor, Dielectrics and electric polarisation, Concept of condenser, Capacity of parallel plate condenser, Effect of dielectric on capacity, Condensers in series and parallel, Energy of charged condenser, van-de- Graaff generator.

  13. Current electricity Kirchhoff’s law, Meter bridge, Wheatstone’s bridge, Potentiometer.

  14. Magnetic effects of electric current Ampere’s law and its applications, Voltmeter, Moving coil galvanometer, Sensitivity of moving coil galvanometer, Ammeter, Cyclotron.

  15. Magnetism Circular current loop as a magnetic dipole, Magnetic dipole moment of revolving electron, Magnetisation and magnetic intensity, Paramagnetism, Diamagnetism, Ferromagnetism on the basis of domain theory, Curie temperature.

  16. Electromagnetic inductions Laws of electromagnetic induction, Eddy currents, Self induction and mutual induction, Proof of, e=-dØ/dt Need for displacement current, Transformer, Coil rotating in uniform magnetic induction, Alternating currents, Reactance and impedance, LC oscillations (only qualitative treatment) Power in a.c circuit with resistance, Resonant circuit, inductance and capacitance, Wattless current, AC generator.

  17. Electrons and photons Photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations, Einstein’s equation, Particle nature of light.

  18. Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei Alpha particle scattering experiment, Bohr’s model, Rutherford’s model of atom, Composition and size of nucleus, Hydrogen spectrum, Radioactivity, mass- energy relation, mass defect, Decay law, B.E. per nucleon and its variation with mass number, Nuclear fission and fusion, de Broglie hypothesis, Matter waves – wave nature of particles, Davisson and Germer experiment, Wavelength of an electron, Continuous and characteristics X-rays.

  19. Semiconductors Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Energy bands in solids, P-type and N- type semiconductor, P-N junction diode, I-V characteristics in forward and reverse bias, Rectifiers, Zener diode as a voltage regulator, I-V characteristics of LED, Photodiode, Solar cell, Transistor action and its characteristics, Transistor as an amplifier, Transistor as a switch, Oscillators and Logic gates (OR, NOT, AND, NOR, NAND).

  20. Communication systems Elements of communication system, bandwidth of transmission medium, bandwidth of signals, space communication, Need for modulation, Production and detection of an amplitude modulated wave, Propagation of electromagnetic waves in atmosphere.

*For exact syllabus please refer to Maharashtra Board Website

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Previous Year Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Question papers

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