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Maharashtra HSC Class 12 English

English is an academic discipline included in courses as a language subject. It aims to prepare students linguistically so that they can successfully pursue professional course such as Engineering, Medicine and other stream course at an Undergraduate level. The English course aims to strengthen the skills they have already learnt and help them learn advanced skills. The major thrust of this HSC Course is not only to improve the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing but also developing skills such as narrating, reporting, describing, summarizing, persuading, note-making, note-taking etc. The focus is to develop the communication skills of the students.

English reading helps improve the speed of reading, understand the intention, attitude and bias of the writer, understand and predict the events, understand grammatical sentences and their implications, able to grasp information from non-verbal and verbal presentations such as Railway time-table, brochures, news, reviews, advertisements etc.

English writing helps him learn the usage of punctuation marks, capital letters, correct spellings, appropriate vocabulary and grammar. It enables students to write essays, formal and informal letters, draft notices, leaflets, announcements, dialogues and short write-ups for school magazines/newspapers.

The focus of grammar is not so much on the rules of the grammar but on the usage of grammar. The knowledge should help him in effective reading, writing, listening and speaking English.

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 English gives following weightage in its evaluation.

  • Reading Skills 40%
  • Grammar 15%
  • Writing Skills 25%
  • Oral test 20%.

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Previous Year Maharashtra HSC Board Class 12 English Question papers

Previous Year Maharashtra HSC School Class 12 English Question papers

The syllabus* includes:

a) Literature: English coursebook (Yuvabharati)

  1. For Detailed Study

i) Prose : About 80 pages of literary and non-literary texts passages

ii) Poetry : About 200-250 lines

  1. For Non-detailed study

A selection of literary and non-literary texts mainly longer pieces: About 40 pages.

b) Grammar: Revision of the items learned up to Standard XI and

  • The Tenses: Advanced level of the tenses learned upto Std XI. Sequence of Tenses.
  • Types of sentences: Simple, Complex, Compound and Relative clauses.
  • Clauses: Proper usage and synthesis.
  • Voice: Questions, Statements, Negatives, Indirect objects, object object complements.
  • Reported Speech: Advanced level, continuous short paragraph having three to four connected sentences.
  • Uses of ‘too’ and ‘enough’: Conversion and synthesis
  • Modal Auxiliaries: may, might, must, etc.
  • Articles: Usage and Non-usage of ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’
  • Prepositions: Indicating time, place and direction.
  • Linking words/ discourse markers: Usage of linking words in sentences and in larger units.
  • Word formation: Changing word forms- nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  • Infinitives, Gerunds and Participles: Usage and synthesis

*For exact syllabus please refer to Maharashtra Board Website

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Previous Year Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Question papers

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