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Maharahstra Board HSC Exam class 12 Economics Question Papers

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Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Economics

Economics is a discipline of social science that answers to three most important questions that is what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce. It studies, the trade-off among various competitive tools, production techniques and choice among these techniques, poverty, unemployment, inequality etc. Economics is also famous for its theories on scarcity and choice. Economics includes various disciplines like Mathematics, History, Politics, Statistics, Ecometrics, Computers and various others. Economics is also called as a people-focused subject because of it having practical and relatable principles matching day to day life. Unlike sciences, the principles of Economics are not fixed and gets modified according to time.

The general objective of the Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Economics course is to make the students understand the changes in India economy, problems of Indian economy, differences between Micro and Macro Economics, awareness of the qualities required for entrepreneurship. The course also makes students aware of concepts like banking, money, public budget, national income etc. It also makes them aware and inquisitive about the infrastructural facilities in Indian Economy.

Students can score good marks in Economics by focusing more on the diagram and presenting them neatly in the answer sheets, students should not ignore schedules and must also use them while explaining the answers, they must also practice previous year question papers and sample papers to get an idea on the type of questions asked and how to answer them. TestPaperz has aggregated previous year Board and sample Question papers for Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Economics exams to give students the flavour of the questions and time required for completion. The Question papers can be downloaded by clicking below:

Previous Year Maharashtra HSC Board Class 12 Economics Question papers

MH Class 12 Economics has 2 parts. Part I is the theory paper and part II is the project work. The syllabus* includes:

Section A: Micro Economics

Micro economics is the study of individual units of an economy this includes individual firms, individuals etc.

  • Introduction to Micro Economics
  • Consumers behavior
  • Analysis of Demand
  • Elasticity of Demand
  • Analysis of Supply
  • Price determination under Perfect competition & Types of Market
  • Factors of Production

Section B: Macro Economics

Macro Economics is the study of the economy as a whole and its broad economy wide aggregates this includes entire banking system, buyers, sellers all firms etc.

  • Introduction to Macro Economics
  • National Income
  • Determinants of Aggregates
  • Money
  • Commercial Bank
  • Central Bank
  • Public Economics

*For exact syllabus please refer to Maharashtra Board Website

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Previous Year Maharashtra Board HSC Class 12 Question papers

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