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ICSE Class 9 English Sample Prelim Question papers

The aim of ICSE Class 9 English course is:

  • Students should be able to develop four language skills i.e speaking, listening, writing and reading, and use them to communicate effectively.
  • To develop a practical understanding of the usage of grammar, structure and idiom in the language.
  • To enable students to read coherently and process the information successfully.
  • To develop the knack of good literature.
  • To experience the world and its people through literature

English is one of widest spoken language in the World. English is also used by many departments of Indian Government. English language is generally associated with upward mobility. Hence English Question Papers merits a focussed attention from the students. We at TestPaperz present to you a collection of ICSE Board class 9 English Previous Years School and Sample Question Papers to help you get the feedback on your command over the language. ICSE Board class 9 English Previous Years School and Sample Test Papers will also give you an understanding of the type of questions expected in the test papers. So go ahead and download free question papers by clicking below and solve them at your convenience.

Previous Year ICSE Class 9 English School Question papers

ICSE Class 9 English Sample Papers

There will be two Question papers of ICSE Class 9 English.

  • English Language
  • English Literature

Theory exams will be of 80 marks and internal assessment will be of 20 marks each for both the language and literature.

Paper 1 – English Language

There would be 5 questions and all questions would be compulsory.

Question 1: Students are expected to write a composition of about 300-350 words on a subject to be chosen from a group of subjects. The students will be evaluated on how well they

  • Organise the subject
  • Describe or narrate the contents
  • Articulate the ideas coherently, accurately and effectively
  • Compare and present the differences
  • How well they present the conclusions etc

The subject will be either written or maybe depicted in pictures. The students will be encouraged to use their imagination. There would be some suggestions but it is on the student to consider them or ignore them. They can be completely original.

Students are expected to use correct grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

Question 2: Students are expected to write a letter. He will be given a choice and he has to select one. Suggestions with respect to the content will be given. Students are expected to use the proper format with Address, introductions, body copy and conclusions. The students will also be evaluated on the vocabulary and correct grammar.

Question 3: Students will be given a situation and they are expected to write a text based notice as per the directions given and also an email as the notice.

Question 4: An unseen passage of 450 words will be given. Stidents will be evaluated on

  • Vocabulary.
  • Comprehension of the passage
  • Re-write the summary based on what they would be given

Question 5: The students will be given short questions to test the grammar and its usage of the language.

Paper II – English Literature

Students will be asked to answer a set of five questions. These questions will be on the drama, prose and Poetry as prescribed by CISCE Board.

For exact syllabus of ICSE Class 9 English please refer to CISCE Website.

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ICSE Class 9 Question and Sample Papers

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