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ICSE Class 9 Commercial Studies Sample and School Prelim Paper

ICSE Class 9 commercial studies has a written question paper of 80 marks and internal assessment of 20 marks. The course covers:

  • Introduction to Commercial Organisations:
  1. Human Activities: Meaning, types, classification and comparison of economic and non- economic activities

  2. Business Activities: Meaning, types and characteristic of business activities. Interrelationship between industry, trade and commerce

  3. Non Profit seeking organisations: Meaning and type of Non Profit organisations. Comparison with Profit organisations.

  4. Different ownership structures of business organisations: Brief introduction, features, comparisons and advantages/disadvantages.

  • Understanding the functions of a Commercial Organisations: Study of different departments within an organisation
  1. Marketing

  2. Sales

  3. Finance and Accounting

  4. Human Resource (HR)

  5. Production

  6. Purchase and Stores (Commercial)

  7. Legal and Administration

  • Communication in Commercial Organisations: Meaning, type, methods, process and importance of different communication systems

  • Introduction to Accounting and Book Keeping:

  1. Meaning and Objective of Accounting and Book keeping. Differences between Accounting and Book keeping

  2. Definition and explanation of basic accounting terminology

  3. Basic accounting concepts

  4. Journal

  5. Ledger

  6. Trial Balance

  7. Cash Book

  • Trade:
  1. Domestic Trade and International Trade

  2. Issues of the Environment: Types of Pollution, ill effects of pollution on environment and health, Reduction of pollution, different types of waste and its management in different organisations – domestic, industrial, agricultural and Municipal, Process of safe disposal of waste

Please refer to ICSE Board Website for detailed syllabus and latest changes.

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