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ISC Class 12 Political Science Previous Year Board Question Papers

ISC Class 12 Political Science

Political Science is the study of the theory and practice of the government and politics from international to national, state and district level. It develops a student’s understanding of relations, applications and institutions that constitutes public life in the surroundings. It teaches a student the mechanism and constitutional systems of modern government, provides them with the knowledge of the state and government administration and develops democratic values in them.

Students can score good marks in their ISC Class 12 Political Science board exam by following the below mentioned tips:

  • Students need to understand the course thoroughly. There is no need of rote learning the subject as students might forget some of the important facts among many.

  • It is very important for the students to make notes in their own language as this will help them in not only understanding the answers but will also help them at the time of revision. They may use flashcards to remember some important points.

  • Students must first read the text and understand it and then use the subsequent reading to remember them.

  • Last but not the least they must practice Previous Year Board Question Papers and Sample Question papers to know the question paper pattern and to build confidence.

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Political Science Board Exam Question papers

Previous Year ISC Class 12 Political Science School Prelim Question papers

ISC Class 12 Political Science has two parts. Paper I is the theory paper of 80 marks (3 hours) and Paper II is the project work of 20 marks. The syllabus* includes:

Section A

Constitution and Government

  • Forms of Government

Totalitarian and Authoritarian States, Liberal Democratic State, Unitary and Federal States, Parliamentary and Presidential forms of government.

  • Constitution

Meaning; kinds of Constitutions: Written and Unwritten, Enacted and Evolved, Rigid and Flexible: Merits and Demerits. Amending procedures; Conventions.

  • Franchise and Representation

Universal Adult Franchise; Methods of Election; Constituency; Minority Representation. Political Parties; Party System.

Organs of the Government

  • The Legislature

Functions of Legislature; Unicameral and Bicameral legislatures. The legislature in India and U.S.A. - a comparative study.

  • The Executive

Functions; The Civil Services. Difference between the Permanent Executive and Political Executive. Political Executive in India and U.S.A. - a comparative study.

  • The Judiciary

Meaning and functions of Judiciary. Conditions of Independence of Judiciary. Judiciary in India and U.S.A. - a comparative study. Judicial Review.

Section B

Indian Democracy

  • Indian Constitution


Salient features of the Indian Constitution.

  • Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy

  • Local self-government

73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments Acts.

  • Democracy in India – a perspective of the challenges faced. Challenges faced by the Indian Democracy: Political Violence, Caste, Regionalism and Communalism. Strengthening Indian Democracy.

*For detailed and exact syllabus please refer to CISCE Website

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