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ISC Class 12 Maths Previous Year Board and Sample Prelim Question Papers

ISC Class 12 Mathematics Course enables:

  • Students to gain knowledge and develop an understanding of the basic fundamentals such as concepts, terms, definitions, symbols, processes, principles and formulae of maths at the senior secondary level.

  • The students to improve their capability of applying the mathematical knowledge gained to new and unfamiliar situation/problems

  • The students to develop an interest in maths as a subject

  • To increase the students capability of analytical and rational thinking.

  • Develop skills of computing, logical thinking, handling abstractions, generalizing patterns, solving problems using different methods and inferencing tables, charts, graphs etc.

  • To develop an understanding of Maths in daily life

  • To kindle a scientific temperament due to the study of Mathematics

  • Understanding of Concepts and then implementation of concepts while solving various problems is important in Maths.

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Maths Board Exam Question papers

Previous Year ISC Class 12 Maths School Prelim Question papers

ISC Class 12 Maths Specimen/ Sample Question Papers

ISC Class 12 Maths syllabus is divided into three sections. Section A is compulsory and students can chose either section B or C to answer the questions. The Question paper is of three hour duration and 100 marks. ISC Class 12 Maths course covers the following:

Section A

  • Relations and Functions: Types of relations, binary operations and Functions. Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

  • Algebra: Matrices, Matrices, Determinants and Martins Rule

  • Calculus: Continuity, Differentiation, L’ Hospital’s theorem, Applications of derivatives, Integrals, definite integrals, Indefinite integrals, Differential Equations.

  • Probability

Section B:

  • Vectors.

  • Three-dimensional Geometry: NOTE: Symmetric and non-symmetric forms of lines are required to be covered.

  • Application of Integrals

Section C:

  • Application of Calculus: Note: Application involving differentiation, integration, increasing and decreasing function and maxima and minima to be covered.

  • Linear Regression

  • Linear Programming

For complete syllabus please refer to ISC Board Website.

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Question papers and Sample Papers

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