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ISC Class 12 History

History as the name suggests is the study of the significant events and personalities of the past in a sequence and context. History enables students to develop their capacity to find facts and evaluate evidence and to discuss issues from a historical point of view. History provides a store house of information of how people and societies have developed through years and understanding their operations, formulation of laws and theories on human behavior depending on historical information, etc. History helps us understand the existence of problems and pertinence of evidence of explanations. It stimulates a sense of historical continuity. Due to the diverse uses of history in not only social sciences but even pure sciences make history a very interesting subject.

Gone were the days when students used to score very good marks in History just by rote learning. Introduction of evidence/ reasoning-based questions makes it difficult for the students to score good marks and hence students must follow the below mentioned tips.

  • They should read and understand the chapters thoroughly minimum five to six times.

  • They should make side notes so that they can immediately remember the points.

  • They should learn all the important points.

  • They should practice previous year History question papers and sample papers once the course is completed.

Evidence based questions not only require clarity of concepts by students but also require them to already know the types of questions expected, topics asked and how to answer them. A student can know this by solving Previous year Board Exam Question papers or sample papers. We at TestPaperz provide students Previous year board Question papers, sample papers and school prelim question papers which are free to download. Click below to download:

Previous Year ISC Class 12 History Board Exam Question papers

ISC Class 12 History Sample Question papers

ISC Class 12 History has two parts. Paper I is theory question paper of 80 marks having a duration of 3 hours and Paper II is the project work of 20 marks. ISC Class 12 History syllabus* includes:

Section A: Indian History

Towards Independence and Partition: The last phase (1935-1947)

  • Important political developments: growth of socialist ideas, Kisan Sabha movement, trade union activities; growth of communalism (Hindu & Muslim).

  • Working of provincial autonomy: Congress and other ministries.

  • National Movement during the Second World War: World War II: Its outbreak and subsequent resignation of the Congress ministries, Muslim League Lahore session in 1940 and the deadlock up to the August Offer (1940). Cripps Mission Failure; Quit India resolution; Congress leaders arrest; Violent public reaction; Government quelling of revolt of 1942.

  • Subhash Chandra Bose and the INA.

  • Transfer of power (1945-1947): British Government changed attitude; the Cabinet Mission Plan proposals; reaction of Congress and the League; Direct Action by League; communal riots; Attlee's declaration of 1947; the Mountbatten Plan; partition and subsequent independence.

Establishment and Development of the Indian Democracy (1947 – 1966)

Following should be discussed:

  • The reorganization of states basis languages

  • Indian Democracy foundation

  • Origin of the Kashmir problem

  • The refugee problem, the transfer of assets and the river waters dispute.

Challenges to Indian democracy (1964 – 1977)

The following to be discussed:

  • The role of the Syndicate

  • Naxal Movement and the reasons of its rise

  • JP Movement (1974-75)

  • Emergency (1975-76)

Changing face of the Indian democracy (1977 – 1986)

  • The Janata Government(1977–1979).
  • Return of Congress to power (1979 – 1986).

India’s Foreign Policy

  • Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).
  • Pakistan (1948-49, 1965, 1971).
  • Sino-Indian War Background and its causes and consequences

Movements for Women’s Rights

  • Developments in the anti-dowry movement and struggle against domestic violence in the 1970s and 1980s. A brief outline of the significance of the Towards Equality Report (1974) with regard to women’s issues.

Section B: World History

World War II

  • Aggressive foreign policies of Germany, Italy and Japan leading to the war.

  • Course of the War: Europe, Africa and Far East. Entry of America in the war and its contribution.

  • Anglo-French appeasement policies – why and how.

  • Reasons for the defeat of Germany, Italy and Japan

De-colonisation – in Africa (Ghana & Kenya) and Asia (China)

  • China: Civil war and subsequent establishment of the People's Republic in the year 1949; Mao Tse Tung; industrial and agrarian policy; economic and political developments; contribution of Mao.

  • Ghana: democracy, dictatorship and military government (1957-69).

  • Kenya: conflict and independence (1947 – 1969)

Cold War 1945-91–Origin, Course, End and impact

  • The Origin of the Cold War: End of wartime unity; Yalta and Potsdam Conferences; Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan; Molotov Plan, COMECON and Cominform. Expansion of Soviet in Eastern Europe (1945-1948) and the communist coup in Czechoslovakia.

  • The expansion of Cold War: Berlin Blockade; NATO; division of Germany; “thaw” in the Cold War (1953-59) - how partial was it? Warsaw Pact; the Vietnam War (1954-75); crisis in east-west relations (1960-62); detente (1970s).

  • Breakup of the USSR & changes in Eastern Europe – USSR, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia.

Protest Movements

  • Civil Rights Movement, Anti-apartheid Movement; Feminist Movement.

  • Racial problems and civil rights in USA starting from 1950s to 1960s and 1970s

  • Second Wave Feminist Movement in USA (early 1960s – early 1980’s)

  • Anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa (1948-1994)

Middle East: Israeli- palestine conflict (1916- 1993)

  • Conflict in Palestine after World War I, till the formation of Israel state. Aims of Arab nationalism and Zionism. Impact of World War I.

  • The impact of World War II

  • The Arab-Israeli Wars from 1948 to Camp David Accord (1979).

  • Oslo Peace Accords (1993).

*For detailed and exact syllabus please refer to CISCE Website

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