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Economics is the study of how government, firms, household, individuals and society allocate their limited resources. Economics teaches a student how to develop conceptualized models of behavior, to changes in policy and market. Today, economists not only advise the Prime Minister and political parties on economic issue but also the Central Bank, investment banks, Real Estate and public and private businesses. Besides this economics also provide knowledge for making decisions in day to day life. The subject gives both theoretical as well as practical experience to the students. Unlike other subjects like Physics, Chemistry etc. economics does not have already developed policies and principles.

Economics being such an extensive, utilitarian and powerful subject requires hard work from students. However students can score very good marks in the economics just by understanding the theory and practicing different varieties of questions.

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Economics Board Exam Question papers

Previous Year ISC Class 12 Economics School Prelim Question papers

ISC Class 12 Economics is divided into two papers. Paper I which is the theory paper of 80 marks and paper II which is the project work of 20 marks. The theory paper is subdivided into 2 parts, Part1 (20 marks) and Part2 (60 marks).

ISC Class 12 Economics syllabus broadly includes-

Micro Economic Theory

Demand: Meaning of demand, Factors affecting demand; Law of Demand and its exceptions; Function of demand; derivation of Demand curve; Demand curve movement and shift;

Law of Equimarginal Utility, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, consumer’s equilibrium through indifference curve analysis (Ordinal) and utility approach (Cardinal)

Meaning and types of Elasticity of demand and its measurement ; Factors affecting elasticity of demand.

Meaning of supply and difference from Stock; Supply determinants; Law of Supply; supply elasticity; movement and shift of supply curve

Market Mechanism: Equilibrium of market and Disequilibrium of market; Equilibrium price and changes in equilibrium price due to shift in demand and supply, basic application of tools of demand and supply .

Production function and production Concept, returns to a factor, average, total and marginal physical products Law of Variable Proportions( along with three stages)

Preliminary concepts of cost and revenue; variable cost, fixed cost, marginal cost, total cost and average cost and their relationships; long run and short run cost curves; opportunity cost.

Meaning of Revenue; Marginal, average and total revenue and their relationship in perfect and imperfect competition scenarios, producers equilibrium.

Different market forms: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and their characteristics, Under perfect competition equilibrium of a form in short run and long run.

Theory of Income and Employment

Fundamental concepts and determination of employment and income.

Money and Banking

Money its meaning, functions and supply.

Banks: commercial bank functions; high powered money and credit creation by Commercial Banks; functions of Central Bank

Balance of Payment and Exchange Rate

Meaning of Balance of Payment and its components; meaning of Foreign Exchange rate and its determination.

Public Finance

Fiscal Policy: Meaning of fiscal policy and its instruments. Meaning of government budget, types and its components.

National Income

Circular flow of Income.

Concepts and definition of national income, Gross national product, Gross domestic product, Net national product, personal income, private income, Personal and National Disposable Income, per capita income; relationship between various income concepts.

National income measurement- Product or Value added method, income method and expenditure method. Simple numericals based on these income measurement methods

For detailed and exact syllabus please refer to CISCE Website

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Board, Sample and School Prelim Question papers

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