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ISC Class 12 Commerce Previous Year Board, Prelim and Sample Question Papers

ISC Class 12 Commerce

Commerce as a subject can be defined as a study of business and trade activities, it gives a broad understanding to students about the business sector and builds their business knowledge. Commerce is a dynamic subject and it touches a variety of disciplines like entrepreneurship, art, culture, economics, sustainable development, financial markets and other institutional areas. All students, at some point in their lives, will encounter the world of business, therefore commerce prepare students to engage in business activity with confidence and compassion and familiarise themselves with the skills needed in a business environment.

ISC Class 12 Commerce equips a student with the mechanism of dealing in a corporate world and builds student’s subject-specific skills, managerial skills, communication skills, time management skills, business ethics etc. It is a high scoring subject that requires conceptual clarity, answering various complicated questions, memorizing important terms and concepts, time management and proper presentation.

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Commerce Board Exam Question papers

Previous Year ISC Class 12 Commerce School Prelim Question papers

ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Question papers

ISC Class 12 Commerce has a theory question paper of 80 marks (3 hours duration) and project work of 20 marks. ISC Class 12 Commerce syllabus* includes:

  • Business Environment

Concept, Importance, Meaning and features of Business Environment. Study of dimensions of Business Environment – Macro (Economic, technological, social, legal and political) and Micro (Internal and External factors) – Meaning and Components. A basic understanding of S.W.O.T. Analysis

  • Financing

(i) Capital: Sources of finance for a trader; Partnership; Joint Stock Company; Meaning, features and importance of financial planning. Meaning of Fixed Capital and Working Capital. Factors affecting Fixed Capital and Working Capital. Comparative analysis of Fixed and Working capital

(ii) Sources of finance for a Joint Stock Company. Different types of Shares: Equity and Preference Shares: Features, advantages and disadvantages. Difference between equity and preference shares.

Loan capital through debentures: Meaning, type, advantages and disadvantages.

Differences between Shares and Debentures

Loans from commercial banks and Financial Institutions: Meaning, advantages and disadvantages

Short-term sources of funds such as public deposits, customer advances, trade credit, factoring, instalment credit and Inter corporate deposits: meaning, advantages and disadvantages

(iii) Banking - latest trends.

Online services- transfer of funds through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), issue of demand drafts online meaning and features.

Online payments, e-Banking – advantages and disadvantages, meaning and features, advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile Banking - SMS alerts, transfer of funds, making payments - advantages and disadvantages.

Comparison between Debit Cards and Credit Cards. ATM, Debit card and credit card – meaning, features and differences

  • Management

Management: Meaning, objectives and characteristics of management.

Nature of Management – Science, Art and Profession.

Importance of Management.

Principles of Management: nature of Principles, need for principles.

Functions of Management: Planning; Organizing; Staffing, Directing, Controlling & Coordinating.

  • Marketing

(i) Marketing: concept and functions.

Meaning, features, objectives and importance of marketing, Meaning and types of markets, Comparison between marketing and selling. Marketing concepts: traditional v/s modern, their meaning and features. Function of marketing and its meaning. Features of each function of marketing.

(ii) Marketing Mix - Meaning and Elements.

Price Mix – meaning and factors determining price.

Product Mix - goods and services - meaning, features and types of Goods and services, distinction between product and services. Labelling its meaning and merits, Branding its meaning and merits, Packaging its meaning and features of good packaging.

Promotion Mix – Meaning and elements of promotion mix. Elements – Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity – meaning, features, objectives and distinction

Place Mix – meaning, channel of distribution, choice of channels of distribution.

(iii) Consumer protection: Need for consumer protection, Methods of consumer protection, rights of consumers- Consumer Protection Act, 1986, self-help, legislative measures and consumer associations/NGOs.

*For detailed and exact syllabus please refer to CISCE Website

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Previous Year ISC Class 12 Board, Sample and School Prelim Question papers

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