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ISC Class 11 English Sample and Previous Year School Prelim Question Papers

ISC Class 11 English helps students to improve their reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills. The objective is that the student should be able to read individually as well as in the group. Students should be able to write legibly with proper usage of idioms, vocabulary and grammar. Also it helps him develop skills which can be used to write using imagination or summarising or argument. It helps to improve his comprehension skills. The student should be able to infer from the text the context of passage, should be able to answer the questions.

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Previous Year ISC Class 11 English School Prelim Question paper

ISC Class 11 English Sample/Specimen Question paper

ISC Class 11 English has two Question papers:

ISC Class 11 English Language (100 Marks) ISC Class 11 English Literature ( 100 Marks)

Paper 1: ISC Class 11 English Language

Question 1: Students will be required to write a composition. They can select one topic from a choice of six. The choice will normally include argumentative, narrative, discussion topic, reflective descriptive and short story. The length of the composition should be between 400-450 words. Students will be evaluated on the quality of language written, vocabulary used, syntax, sentence structure, correct grammar, spelling and punctuations. They will also be evaluated in how successful one has been in organising the content in individual paragraphs and as a whole.

Question 2:

a) Directed writing will be based on the ideas and information given. The subjects can range from film review, book review, article writing, speech writing, review of cultural programme, personal profile, report writing, and statement of purpose. The length of the article should be around 300 words

b) Students have to write a proposal. It will be based on a situation. The student will be evaluated based on his ability to decide the measures to be taken in that situation. The proposal should have a heading and a clear cut objective.

Question 3: This question will evaluate the grammar and structure of the students. The questions will be short answer type questions.

Question 4: A comprehension will be given. Students will be evaluated based on how well they can summarise the same. Also in some questions his evaluation will be on his ability to directly answer from the text given and in some cases his inferences would be evaluated.

Paper 2: English Literature: the students will be required to answer five questions. One question will be from Shakespeare play/ alternative play and other four questions will be from the prescribed texts including the play. Each question will carry 20 marks each.

For exact syllabus please refer to ISC Board website.

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Previous Year ISC Class 11 Question papers and Sample Papers

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