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ICSE Class 10 Technical Drawing Board Sample and Prelims Exam Question Papers

ICSE Class 10 Technical Drawing course aims to

  1. To develop capability and expertise among the students to opt for courses like Engineering, Architecture and other technical courses
  2. Acquire knowledge on the basic fundamentals of instrumental drawing drawn to scale and understand the basic fundamentals of traditional drafting skills so that he can graduate to computer aided designs (CAD)
  3. To get basic knowledge of applicability of their skills in various fields

The students will be evaluated basis the written exam and internal assessment. The written exam will be of 100 marks (duration 3 hours). The internal assessment will be of 100 marks.


ICSE Class 10 Technical Drawing syllabus is divided into two sections:

Section A:

  1. Geometrical Constructions based on Plane Geometry: This involves construction of triangle, quadrilateral, circle, arc, circumference, polygon, hexagon, octagon etc and other related drawing with them.
  2. Area Constructions: Constructions by using application of area theorems, converting a triangle into polygon, two or more triangles into a single triangle, square etc
  3. Using circles, arcs, tangents, straight lines, points etc for constructing templates of various shapes.
  4. Scales
  5. Engineering Curves like ellipse and parabola
  6. Solids
  7. Oblique Drawing

Section B:

  1. Sections of right solids (prism, pyramid, cylinder and cone)
  2. Isometric Drawing
  3. Sectional Orthographic views (1st and 3rd angle methods)

Internal Assessment

ICSE Class 10 Technical Drawing Internal assessments will be done basis drawing assignments and three dimensional Models made with cartridge paper/chart papers and thermocol. It will be evaluated by the school teacher and external examiner both will evaluate for 50 marks each.

For detailed syllabus please refer to CISCE Website.

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Previous Year ICSE Class 10 Technical Drawing Board Exam Question Papers

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