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ICSE Class 10 Social Science ( History, Civics and Geography) Sample Papers

Social Science or Social Studies consists of subjects - History, Civics and Geography. The purpose of the subject is to acquaint the students of the working of the Indian Government so that they can grow up to become responsible and enlightened citizen of the country. The course also makes the student aware on the Indian National Movement and Contemporary World History. This gives a student perspective of the past and how it helped shape the country. Students understand the terms, concepts and principles of Geography. It helps them acquaint with the knowledge of natural resources. The subject helps student understand the cause-affect relationships of natural phenomena.The subject also makes the students aware of the human efforts taken in conserving the environment.The subject also emphasises on the study of Maps.

There are two Question papers. One is History and Civics and another is Geography. ICSE Board tabulates the marks of both Question Papers and then gives the marks of Social Science. So students should give importance to both the subjects equally.

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