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Home Science is a subject that deals with the matter relating to a person, home, family member and other resources. It is a subject that evolve a home or a family life by taking into consideration scientific practices and techniques. Home Science in India has broken its stereotypical image and has emerged as an interdisciplinary course providing the basics of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As a field of education, Home Science draws its theory from both Science and Art. It has gained immense popularity specifically among students due to its extensive application in different industries. It provides both practical as well as theoretical approach to the student.

ICSE class 10 Home Science consists of an Internal as well as an External assessment. It comprises of one written paper of 2 hours duration carrying 100 marks and Internal assessment of 100 marks.

ICSE Class 10 Home Science has an external examination which consists of the theory section. The theory section further has 2 parts, Part A and Part B.

ICSE Class 10 Home Science syllabus* includes-

  • Home Furnishing
  1. Colour and its Application: Colour Dimensions. Prang colour wheel. Colour schemes – related and contrasting and their applications in different rooms of the home
  2. Fabrics for Furnishing- Furnishing Selection to enhance appearance of the room.
  3. Home Lighting- Lighting types and choices for adequate lighting in different rooms.
  4. Kitchen Space Organization - Planning and layout
  • Money Management
  1. Budgeting and Savings Importance- Efficient management of money through budgeting. Budget making steps. Factors which affect a budget. Support budgeting provides in planning and optimum utilisation of available resources
  2. Banking Fundamentals- Bank Account Opening and operating, types of deposit accounts, deposit and withdrawal of cash and cheque, passbook maintenance and ATM usage.
  • Growth and development during Middle Childhood: Introduction to growth and Physical, emotional, social, and language development in children between 5-12 years.
  • Growth and Development during Adolescence
  1. Physical growth of adolescents, pubertal changes.
  2. Hygiene and Personal grooming during adolescence.
  3. Emotional concerns and behavioural patterns of adolescents.
  4. Role of the family, school and peer group in the life of an adolescent
  • Meal planning
  1. Balanced diet concept
  2. Family meal planning
  3. Handling and storage of food with hygiene – preservation of food through house hold methods
  • Textile and Clothing Care
  1. Laundering of clothes.
  2. Laundry material
  • Consumer Education
  1. Meaning and need for consumer education
  2. Wise buying methods for aware consumers.
  3. Consumer Rights and responsibilities
  4. Food adulteration

*For complete syllabus please refer to CISCE website.

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