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ICSE Class 10 Hindi Question Papers 2021

Hindi is a language which is spoken by a majority of people in India. Imagine speaking to an auto rikshaw driver in English on the roads of Delhi or buying some stuff at a street shop in Lucknow. The knowledge of Hindi makes it easier to travel and work within a large part of the country. It keeps students attached to their roots if their mother tongue is Hindi. You can enjoy movies produced by Bollywood. Nice Bollywood music can be enjoyed with a little bit knowledge of Hindi. As per 2001 census overall 53.60% of Indians speak Hindi, which is a huge number. Due to this sheer size of numbers it presents many opportunities.

The objective of ICSE Board is that students should learn the language as an effective means of communication. They can understand and speak the language. They should understand the basic vocabulary, constructions and various elements of the language. There will be a theory paper of 80 marks of 3 hour duration and an internal assessment of 20 marks. The paper will be divided into two sections, Section A is compulsory and students have to attempt all questions. Section B will give students a choice to attempt the questions.

Hindi is one subject we use in our daily life hence we become too casual with it and think that it does not need special preparations and at the end we realise that if we had put in some efforts we could have done much better. We at TestPaperz provide you various Previous Year Board Exam question papers, School Prelim Question papers and Sample papers to make you aware of the type of question papers you can expect in the Board Exams. So go ahead and download free ICSE Class 10 Hindi Question papers in PDF format and solve them at your convenience.

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ICSE Class 10 School Prelim Hindi Question papers 2021

ICSE Class 10 Hindi Sample Papers

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