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ICSE Class 10 Environmental Science Board Sample and Prelims Question Papers

Environmental Science as the suggests is the science of the Environment. The subject deals with the study of the reciprocity between human system and natural system. It is the field of Science that studies the interconnection of physical, chemical and biological components. It is an interdisciplinary subject comprising of biology, chemistry, physics, geography, economics and social science. Due to the upsurge of environmental problems there has been a great demand for this subject. Environmental science is a global subject that has universal significance and application.

ICSE Class 10 Environmental Science is an influential and a powerful subject that leaves an imprint on the student’s mind of environment protection, issues and concerns.

ICSE Class 10 Environmental Science consists of one theory question paper of two hours carrying 80 Marks and an Internal assessment of 20 Marks. The question paper has two sections, section A and section B. The syllabus includes-

  • Air Pollution Control
  1. From Domestic Combustion- Pollution reduction from domestic cooking.
  2. From Industries- Measures for reducing industrial air pollution.
  3. From Vehicles- Controlling vehicle emission.
  • Addressing Population
  1. Growing pollution and environmental degradation link.
  2. Demographic transition.
  3. Measures for controlling growth of population.
  4. Framework for poverty alleviation.
  • Managing urban environment
  1. Urbanization
  2. Environmental improvement planning- Efficient land use, transport and shelter, planning energy, construction activities, water supply management, wastewater and sanitary waste management.
  3. Rural Development to stop migration
  4. Development of secondary cities to stop migration
  5. Community participation and private enterprise contribution.
  • Managing Soil and land
  1. Conserving soil.
  2. Land reforms
  3. Integrated rural development
  4. Role of women and community in conservation
  5. Managing forest grazing
  6. Alternatives to timber
  7. Combating deforestation
  • Food
  1. Sustainable agriculture- Integrated pest management, Mixed cropping, New crop strains, Trickle drip irrigation, New organic fertilizers, Conservation tillage farming and Gene banks
  2. Global food security Problem and food aid
  • Biodiversity
  1. Conservation – In Situ and Ex Situ
  2. Using wildlife to meet commercial needs
  3. Biodiversity at risk
  4. conservation strategies at national and global level.
  • Energy
  1. Fossil Fuels for production of Electricity
  2. Nuclear Energy
  3. a sustainable energy future
  • Waste
  1. Solid Waste: the throwaway society
  2. Solid waste: options for the future
  • Environment and development
  1. Environment pollution globally
  2. Economic development and Environmental degradation
  3. Unfair trade practices and its linkage to environmental protection
  4. Role of MNCs
  • Towards a sustainable future
  1. Global interdependence – economic and environmental.
  2. International cooperation
  3. Sustainable development.
  4. Role of non-governmental organizations.
  5. Technology that sustains.

For exact syllabus please refer to CISCE website.

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Previous Year ICSE Class 10 Environmental Science School Prelim Exam Question Papers

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