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English is a compulsory subject in ICSE Class 10. The entire examination of ICSE is conducted in English medium except for the second language. English is one language which has acceptability in most parts of the world and is one of the world’s largest spoken language. It is widely used in education, medicine, science, trade and commerce across the world. English is important due to following reasons:

  • It helps in communication and interaction with people around the globe and becomes quite useful while travelling outside India.

  • Most of the internet sites are in English and today we are largely dependent on Internet.

  • English has been instrumental in raising the standard of living of many people across the world.

  • Most of the research is done in English

So a good command on English not only helps you in getting good marks but also prepares you for the future and helps you in variety of careers such as Engineering, Medicine, Science, Teaching etc

English has two Question Papers:

  • English Language
  • English Literature

Both the Question papers have a 20% weightage for internal assessments.

English Language has a focus on Composition, Letter writing, Notice, E-mail, Comprehension and Grammar. The Composition will be test the student on organisation of subject matter, punctuation, syntax, correct usage of grammar and vocabulary. The student will have various options and he will have to select one of them. In Letter writing the attention will be on the layout and the format with correct vocabulary. In comprehension the student will be tested on understanding the text and basis that answering various questions. Students will also be assessed in grammar by evaluating their correct usage of verbs, prepositions and transformation of sentences.

English Literature will have five questions from a set of textbooks on Drama, Short Stories and Poetry. The students will be expected to understand the text and answer the questions in their own words and relevant to the text.

TestPaperz has aggregated various English Language and Literature Class 10 Sample papers for the students to download and practice. Free downloads are available. These Sample Papers are a replica of the Question paper expected during the Board Exams. It also reflects the marking scheme for various topics. Click below to download in PDF format:

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ICSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2019

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