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The objective of English language for the students is to develop reading, writing, comprehension and speaking skills. Study of English as a subject also helps students to understand and use proper grammar in their spoken and written English. The understanding of English helps students to appreciate world literature and with it comes the knowledge about the world and its people.

ICSE Board has two papers in English. One is English Language and another is English Literature. Both the papers are of 80 marks each and 20 marks are for internal assessment. The Question papers are of 2 hour duration as per the Board guidelines for 2019-20.

The English Language paper focuses on Composition, Letter writing, writing on Specific situations, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar and its usage.

The English literature covers Prose and Drama and Poetry. Questions are asked on various chapters from the books prescribed by CISCE Board.

The internal assessment in Language and Literature is done as prescribed by CISCE Board and then these marks are added to the final marks to arrive at a total score.

English is a critical subject and a good command on it prepares you for the future irrespective of the profession you choose. Hence it is important that you give this subject due attention and ensure that you excel in it. We at TestPaperz want to empower you with ICSE Class 10 board question papers, school prelim and sample papers to help you get the feedback on your command over the language. We have compiled Question Papers from Year 2014 to 2019 onwards. So go ahead and download free ICSE Class 10 Previous Year Board English question papers, School prelim and sample papers to solve them at your convenience. All the Best for your Board Exams!!

Previous Year ICSE Class 10 English Board Question Papers

ICSE Class 10 Prelim Question Papers English

ICSE Class 10 Sample Question Papers

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