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ICSE Class 10 Economics Sample and Prelims Question Papers 2021

ICSE Class 10 Economics Question Paper 2021

Economics is an interesting subject and the study of it will help students understand why and what is happening with the economy of the country. It helps understand the basics terms, concepts, principles, general trends of the subject. The study of Economics has become important as our economy is fast growing and becoming increasingly globalised. Most of the companies now have economists on board to help them navigate the vagaries of the economy.

The objective of ICSE Class 10 Economics Course is:

To gain the knowledge of facts, principles, basic terminology, trends, premise etc

To become familiar with the basic terms and fundamental ideas of Economics

To gain knowledge of modern economic problems and recognize the efforts being made to resolve them

To acquire knowledge of the national physical and human resources and the measures which can be taken to prevent their misuse To learn the impact of economic processes that aid in raising our standard of living

ICSE Class 10 Economics has a pertinent syllabus. The first unit of the subject covers various factors of productivity such as land, labor, capital and entrepreneur. It explains the meaning of these factors and their importance. It also helps understand the impact of these factors on the economy. The second unit is demand and supply which explains you what is the meaning of both the concepts, about the law of demand and supply and finally the elasticity of demand and supply. The third unit is Markets. It talks about different type of markets: Perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly etc. It elaborates on features of these markets and their differences. The fourth unit is Money and Banking. The students are taught how money evolved, functions of money etc. Banking covers commercial and central Banks in India and their functions. It also covers the monetary policy of Central Bank. A brief understanding on demonetisation is given. It also covers Public Finances. It teaches students on the source of Public revenue i.e. type of taxes, their advantages and disadvantages and comparison. It also covers public expenses and public debt. The fifth unit covers inflation, wholesale price index, Consumer Price Index, Food basket, stages of inflation, types of inflation etc. The sixth unit is on consumer awareness. It covers Consumer Exploitation and Consumer awareness, Consumer rights and duties, Food adulteration, Technical and Administrative measures for consumer protection.

[ICSE Class 10 Economics Syllabus 2021 ( click here to know the syllabus for session 2020-2021.

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ICSE Class 10 Economics School Prelim Question Papers 2021

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