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ICSE Class 10 Commercial Studies Sample and Prelims Question Papers

The objective of the CISCE Board with ICSE Class 10 Commercial Studies is:

  • to develop students with an insightful, understanding and analytical response to the role of business in a regional, national and global scenario.
  • To enable students to keep an equilibrium between society demands with individual aspirations
  • To develop in students recognition for the role of the businessman and the professional executive.
  • To help develop a collaborative attitude through study of the organisation
  • To help develop a co-operative attitude through study of the organisation and engagement connected with commerce and industry
  • To develop relevant knowledge and skills in a student which can be background for his future studies or work or both.

ICSE Class 10 Commercial Studies course covers:

  1. Stakeholders in Commercial Organisation: It educates the students on the type of stakeholders of an organisation - External and Internal, and their expectations from a commercial organisation.

  2. Communication: Type of Communication and Interpersonal skills

  3. Marketing: It teaches the meaning, importance and various functions. It elaborates on the difference between product and service. It helps them understand Marketing Research, its importance, types and methodology. It covers Advertising, types of advertising, importance and its advantage and disadvantages. It also covers sales promotions, Brands and Trademarks. The course elaborates on sales and selling process. The course also covers Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and its benefits.

  4. Finance and Accounting: This section of the course touches on capital and revenue receipts , capital and revenue expenditures and deferred revenue expenditures. Preparation of Trading account, Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet for a sole trader.

  5. Logistics and Insurance: Transportation, Warehousing and different type of insurance for the organisations. It also imparts knowledge on better environment and the factors which can help bring that.

For detailed syllabus please refer to CICSE website.

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