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ICSE Class 10 Commercial Applications Board and Sample Prelim Question Papers

ICSE Class 10 Commercial Application is one of the most practical and interesting subject. You can find the application of ICSE Class 10 Commercial Application content around you in your day to day life. All the four “P’s i.e. Product, price, promotion and place are happening around us. The products are being marketed to us through different ways. We buy products such as bread, soap etc and consume services such as banking, courier, transportation etc which helps us understand the difference between them. Brands are important to sell products and we encounter number of them in our daily life.

Financial accounting is also included in the subject. We get the first lesson in our families. Our parents earn through their occupations or business i.e. revenue and then they spend money on us which is expenditure. Similarly all organisations have to maintain accounts. These accounting practices are governed by principles like GAAP. The exchange of money is then done through organisations called Banks and these banks are governed by Central Bank. Cost is also covered under the subject.

Now the business happening around is possible with the help of human beings. The process of management of human beings within these organisation is handled by Human Resources function. The subject covers Human resources – Its role and functions.

The subject also covers public relations, Ethics, Environmental issues and consumer rights. Overall we experience every bit of this subject in our daily life.

The ICSE Class 10 Commercial Application is evaluated through a written Question Paper of 100 marks ( 2 hour duration) and Internal Assessment of 100 marks. The Theory paper is divided into two sections – Section A and B. Section A consists of questions which require short answers and is compulsory. Section B consists of questions which require detailed answers and the students get the choice to answer the questions.

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ICSE Class 10 Commercial Application Sample Prelim Question paper

Previous Year ICSE Class 10 Commercial Application Board Exam Question paper

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Previous Year ICSE Class 10 Board and Sample Prelim Question papers

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