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Previous Year CBSE Class 9 Social Science Prelim Question papers

CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers on Social Science

Chapter-wise Question papers on CBSE Class 9 Social Science

Social Science is a compulsory subject in Class 9. The Social Science subject consists of three disciplines – History, Civics and Geography. The study of Social Science makes students aware of the environment and the broadens their horizons. The objective of this subject is to groom students into mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow who can help in Nation development.

Some of the objective of CBSE Class 9 Social Science subject is to

  • Understanding the evolution of Human Societies with a perspective of time and space
  • Event or phenomenon to be understood in overall context
  • Understanding of history of India, its freedom struggle and recognition of contributions of different sections/ regions of the society
  • Understand and revere the values enshrined in the constitution
  • Understand and cherish the diversity of the land and the people of the country

The syllabus is divided into four units:

  • India and the Contemporary World-1 (20 Marks)
  • Contemporary India -1 (20 Marks)
  • Democratic Politics – 1 (20 Marks)
  • Economics (20 Marks)

The annual exam is of 3 hours duration with 80 marks. Internal assessment carries 20 marks. For detailed objective and syllabus please refer CBSE Website.

Textbooks prescribed by CBSE for Class 9 Social Science:

Published by NCERT:

  • India and the Contemporary World – 1(History)
  • Contemporary India-1 (Geography)
  • Democratic Politics -1
  • Economics

Published by CBSE:

  • Together, towards a safer India – Part II

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