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CBSE Class 9 Computer Applications School Sample Question papers

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Computer Application is an important subject. CBSE has been progressive in including this subject in the curriculum for Class 9 students. Information Technology is changing our lives and computers are an integral part of the same. Hence study of Computer Applications will help the students to be a part of this growth.

Computers have major benefits in a student’s life. Internet opens up a new world of information for the students. Now they are not dependent only on the books which are available in their libraries. They can research on any topic on internet and can gain knowledge from the same. Videos, e-books and online tutorials help expand their knowledge and fulfil the gap. The students can store their lectures, important documents and previous year question papers on their computers and can refer to it at an appropriate time. The students can interact with their peers across the world and can help each other gain a different perspective of the world. Parents can keep a track of the academic activities and co-curricular activities happening in the schools. Computers have touched our lives in all sectors and have brought a huge change in last few years. Hence students who opt for this course will be able to appreciate the changes much better.

The syllabus of CBSE Class 9 Computer Applications enables the students to familiarize with various technological terminology. The students are able to create and edit file, documents, excel sheets and presentations. It helps students learn how to use internet, surf websites, compose and send emails and communicate over internet. The study also helps students learn how to create and upload Videos.

The syllabus is divided into five units as follows:

  • Basics of Information technology (5 Marks)
  • Cyber safety (10 Marks)
  • Office Tools (5 Marks)
  • Scratch/Python (10 Marks)
  • Lab Exercises (70 Marks)

The Lab work is very critical in CBSE Class 9 Computer Application subject and focusing on practical’s can help student learn a lot on the subject as well as score good marks. For exact syllabus refer to CBSE Website.

Previous Year CBSE Class 9 Computer Application School Question Papers

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