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CBSE Class 12 English Board and Prelim Sample Question papers 2019

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Previous Year CBSE Class 12 English Board Question papers

Previous Year CBSE Class 12 English Pre-Board Question papers

CBSE Class 12 English Chapter-wise Question papers

CBSE Class 12 English Sample Question papers

CBSE Class 12 English students after the completion of the course are expected to have gained an adequate level of proficiency in the English language. For a good number of students it will be a phase for the preparation of university but for others it might be an entry to the world of work. Th course meets the needs of both the groups by developing the language skills essential for higher academic studies as well as the language expertise required for the workplace


The general objectives at this stage are:

  • Improve Listening skills
  • Improve Comprehension Skills
  • Improve Writing skills
  • Develop language skills so as one can participate confidently in Group discussions, interviews and oral presentations on an assigned subject
  • Perceive the relationship of one part in the text to another part.
  • Encourage advance linguistic skills with a purpose of building the skills of reasoning, drawing conclusions, etc. through purposeful activities
  • Develop skill of translating text from mother tongue to English and vice versa
  • Develop capability and understanding necessary to involve in independent reflection and enquiry

CBSE Class 12 English Question paper is divided into three sections which are as follows:

Section A: Reading Comprehension

Section A will have two passages .

  • One unseen passage which can be any one of factual, descriptive passage with opinion or literary passage will be given. The passage will be somewhere around 800 to 900 words long. Students will be asked variety of objective and multiple choice questions. They will be tested on Comprehension, interpretation and inference. Vocabulary will also be tested.
  • There will be a second passage of 400 to 500 words. Student will be assessed on note making and summary.

Section B: Writing Skills

Section B will have three parts

  • Student can be given questions on preparing advertisements and notices, writing formal and informal invitations and replies, drafting or designing posters.
  • Students will be asked to write a letter based on verbal/visual inputs. The letter can be either a business or official letter or a letter to the editor. The Business/official letter can be for enquiries, registration of complaints, seeking and giving required information, placement of order and sending replies. The letter to the editor can be either a suggestion or an opinion on issues of public interest. It can also be an application for a job.
  • One of the questions will be a descriptive or argumentative article/debate/ speech or a report composition.

Section C: Literature Textbooks

  • Four question from poetry and four questions from prose will be asked to test comprehension and understanding of the subject.
  • Students will be asked questions based on prose/drama/poetry from both books
  • Questions will be asked to test Global understanding and interpretation beyond the texts (Flamingo)
  • Questions will be asked to test Global understanding and interpretation beyond the texts (Vistas)

For complete syllabus please refer to CBSE Class 12 Board Website

Prescribed Text Books

  • Flamingo: English Reader published by NCERT, New Delhi

  • Vistas: Supplementary Reader published by NCERT, New Delhi

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CBSE Class 12 Question and Sample Papers

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