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CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Preboard Question Papers 2020

CBSE Class 12 Economics Preboard Question Papers

Economics is an interrelationship of various economic agents. Macroeconomics analyses the economy as a whole (aggregated production, consumption, investment, and saving) and issues impacting it, including resources unemployment (capital, labour, and land), economic growth, inflation, and the public policies that address these issues (fiscal, monetary, and other policies)

CBSE Class 12 Economics syllabus covers Introductory Macroeconomics. The topics covered are National Income and Related Aggregates, Banking and Money, Income and employment determination, Balance of payments and Government Budget. CBSE Class 12 syllabus also covers Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991, Current Challenges faced and comparison of development experience with neighbours. The theory paper is of 80 marks and project work carries 20 marks.

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CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Preboard Question Paper 2020

CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Preboard Question Paper 2019

CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Preboard Question Paper 2018

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Previous Year CBSE Class 12 Economics Board Question papers

CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Question papers

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