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CBSE Class 11 Geography Sample and School Prelim Question papers

CBSE Class 11 Geography is introduced as an elective subject at Class 11. The subject helps students branch out at this stage for pursuing higher academic interests. For others it is useful for day to day life. TestPaperz has aggregated various previous year CBSE Class 11 geography school question papers. These Question Papers help students to check their preparation on the subject. Download free question papers by clicking below:

Previous Year CBSE Class 11 Geography School Question papers

CBSE Class 11 Geography Question paper has a theory exams of 70 Marks ( 3 hour duration) which includes 5 marks for Map Workd and practical works for 30 marks. The syllabus is divided into following units.

Part A: Fundamentals of Physical Geography

  • Unit 1: Geography as a Discipline
  • Unit 2: The Earth
  • Unit 3: Landforms
  • Unit 4: Climate
  • Unit 5: Water (Oceans)
  • Unit 6: Life on the Earth

Map work is on the outline Physical/Political map of the world. Students have identify features based on 1 to 6 units

Part B: India-Physical Environment

  • Unit 7: Introduction
  • Unit 8: Physiography
  • Unit 9: Climate, Vegetation and Soil
  • Unit 10: Hazards and Disasters: Causes, Consequences and Management

Part C: Practical Work

  • Unit 1: Fundamentals of Maps

  • Unit 2: Topographic and Weather Maps

  • Practical Record Book and Viva Voce

  • Viva to be based on Practical Unit I and II only

For Full syllabus please refer to CBSE Board Website

CBSE Board prescribes following textbooks for Class 11 geography subject:

  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography (Class XI), Published by NCERT

  • India, Physical Environment (Class XI), Published by NCERT

  • Practical Work in Geography (Class XI), Published by NCERT

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Previous Year CBSE Class 11 Question and Sample Papers

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