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CBSE Class 11 English Sample and School Prelim Question papers

English is a global language. It is the third most spoken language in the world after the Chinese and Spanish. English is synonymous with opportunity and a better quality of life. Hence it is important that you give this subject due attention and ensure that you excel in it. We at TestPaperz want to empower you with various CBSE Class 11 English Question Papers to help you get the feedback on your command over the language. These CBSE Class 11 English Question Papers are as per the CBSE Board curriculum. Download free CBSE Class 11 English Question Papers by clicking below:

Previous Year CBSE Class 11 English School Question papers

CBSE Class 11 English Sample Papers

CBSE Class 11 English Course is designed in a way that after studying it in class 11 and 12 the student should be able to :

  • Read and understand all types of texts in the genres such as Science fiction, Biography, Drama, Poetry, Sports, autobiography etc
  • Able to write response of a prescribed or unprescribed question or task
  • Comprehend and respond to lectures, speeches etc
  • Write descriptive/ argumentative essays by either explaining or developing the topic, arguing for or against the topic etc
  • Write formal or informal letters, applications etc
  • Write minutes of a meeting
  • Write memorandum to be given to an authority/ Office etc
  • Write notices and summary/reports etc
  • Fill the forms, prepare curriculum vitae, write e-mails, make notes etc

English Core Class 11 CBSE course covers:

Section A

Reading Comprehension: Student will be given two unseen passages. It can be a poem also. The passages will be of 900-1000 words. Poems can be shorter than the prescribed word limit. The passage can be factual, lengthy or literary. It can be a piece of fiction or an opinion or a report. The students will be tested on vocabulary and comprehension skills. It can have a variety of objective type, short answer and multiple choice questions.

Section B:

Writing Skills:

There will be a short answer question based on a notice or an advertisement or a poster.

Two letters to be written based on verbal/ visual inputs. Letters can be business or official. It can be an opinion to a newspaper editor. It can be an application for a job. It can be a letter to any authority.

One composition in the form of long answer to be written


These grammar areas will be tested through 6 objective type questions on the following:

  • Error Correction, editing tasks
  • Re - ordering of sentences,
  • Transformation of sentences


LITERATURE: Students will be asked questions to test their comprehension from CBSE Board prescribed textbooks. The student has to answer two objective type questions out of three and Five short answer questions out of Six question.

For detailed syllabus please refer to CBSE Website

Prescribed Textbooks for CBSE Class 11 English are:

  • Hornbill: Textbook published by NCERT, New Delhi
  • Snapshots: Supplementary Reader published by NCERT, New Delhi

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