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CBSE Class 11 Biology Sample, School Prelim and Chapter-wise Question papers

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CBSE Class 11 Biology Chapter-wise Question Papers

CBSE Class 11 Biology Sample Papers

CBSE Class 11 Biology Question paper is of 70 marks and Practical’s is of 30 marks.

CBSE Class 11 Biology course covers five units.

  • Diversity of Living Organisms (10 Marks)

  • Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals (12 marks)

  • Cell: Structure and Function (14 Marks)

  • Plant Physiology (17 Marks)

  • Human Physiology (17 Marks)

Every unit has few chapters. The chapters covered in CBSE Class 11 Biology course are as follows:

Unit-I Diversity of Living Organisms

Chapter-1: The Living World

Chapter-2: Biological Classification

Chapter-3: Plant Kingdom

Chapter-4: Animal Kingdom

Unit-II Structural Organization in Animals and Plants

Chapter-5: Morphology of Flowering Plants

Chapter-6: Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter-7: Structural Organisation in Animals

Unit-III Cell: Structure and Function

Chapter-8: Cell-The Unit of Life

Chapter-9: Biomolecules

Chapter-10: Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Unit-IV Plant Physiology

Chapter-11: Transport in Plants

Chapter-12: Mineral Nutrition

Chapter-13: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Chapter-14: Respiration in Plants

Chapter-15: Plant - Growth and Development

Unit-V Human Physiology

Chapter-16: Digestion and Absorption

Chapter-17: Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chapter-18: Body Fluids and Circulation

Chapter-19: Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Chapter-20: Locomotion and Movement

Chapter-21: Neural Control and Coordination

Chapter-22: Chemical Coordination and Integration

The practicals in CBSE Class 11 Biology account for 30 marks. The time allowed is 3 hours. It covers:

One Major experiment (5 Marks)

One Minor experiment (4 Marks)

Slide Preparation (5 Marks)

Spotting (7 Marks)

The teachers are also supposed to give credit to the students on the work done by them during the academic session on the below mentioned assignments

Practical Record + Viva Voce (4 Marks)

Project Record + Viva Voce (5 Marks)

For complete syllabus please refer to CBSE Class 11 Board Website

CBSE Board has prescribed following textbooks for Class 11 Biology:

  1. Biology Class 11 by NCERT
  2. Other related books and manuals published by NCERT including multimedia also

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Previous Year CBSE Class 11 Question and Sample Papers

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