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CBSE has added Accountancy to the subject list in Class 11 and Class 12 as formal education in commerce is given after secondary schooling. Accounting as a source of Financial information is crucial hence it’s important that it is introduced to students at the senior secondary level. The syllabus provides students a solid foundation on basics of accounting. It also makes them aware of the changes in the preparation and presenting of Financial statements as per the current accounting standards and the Companies Act 2013.

The objective of the course is to help students develop basic understanding about accounting as a mechanism of information to all the stakeholders. The students by the end of class 11 should learn how to prepare accounts for a sole proprietorship firm. They are also made familiar with basics of Goods and Service tax and its accounting treatment.

The role of Information, Communication and Technology has become all pervasive and accounting is also not untouched with it. The students are introduced to Computerized Accounting system in Class 11. The course imparts skills which help in designing need-based accounting database which is critical for maintaining book of accounts.

CBSE Class 11 Accountancy course opens up the world of business and places importance on strengthening the basics of the subject. TestPaperz has curated CBSE Class 11 Accountancy previous year school question papers and CBSE Class 11 Accounts Sample Papers for the benefit of students. Students can solve these question papers and can test their preparation for the exams. Go ahead and download free CBSE Class 11 Accounts Question papers:

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The students are evaluated basis a written exam and project work. The theory exam is of 80 marks and project work is of 20 marks. The course is divided into three sections.

First section covers two units:

  • Theoretical Framework: It covers the basics of Accounting. Students are made aware of basic principles, meaning of various terms, differences and examples. It makes them aware of the entities which require accounting. IT also covers meaning, importance, objectives, benefits and limitations of accounting in the context of different business and non-business entities. It covers the basic accounting assumptions and it’s applicability in particular situations, meaning and purpose of accounting standards, appreciate local and global accounting standards, emphasis on double entry system, advantage of accrual basis to depict accurate financial position of an enterprise, differentiation between income, profit and gains, meaning and benefits of GST etc

  • Accounting Process: The unit covers Vouchers and Transactions, Journals, cash book, purchases book, sales book, sales return book, purchase return books, ledger, bank reconciliation statements. It imparts knowledge on depreciations, provisions and reserves. It also covers accounting for bills of exchange and trail balance and rectification of errors.

Second Section Cover two units:

  • Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship from Complete and Incomplete Records

  • Computers in Accounting

Third section covers Project Work to create accounts for a sole proprietorship.

Books prescribed for CBSE Class 11 Accountancy are:

  • Financial Accounting -1 by NCERT Publication

  • Accounting -II by NCERT Publications

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