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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Question Papers and Solutions for year 2019 and 2020

CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Social Science

CBSE conducts social science question paper for cLass 10 students. The class 10 exams will be probably conducted by CBSE in Feb-March 2020. Students go through sleepless nights in anticipation of what can they expect in the examination question paper. Hence CBSE to provide a guidance to the students and teachers comes out with its sample papers every year. This year also CBSE came out with sample papers in the month of September 2019. These sample papers also come with marking scheme and solutions.

Students after completing their NCERT textbooks should go through these sample papers because of the following:

  • Guidance for students on the pattern of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question paper

  • Provide Feedback to students on their preparations

  • Question paper marking scheme

  • Difficulty level of Question paper

TestPaperz aggregates all the sample papers prepared by CBSE as well as various schools and provides these for free download to its students. They are easily downloadable pdf format. TestPaperz is also planning to come out with its own sample papers which will be available soon on the portal.

Students can click below to download latest sample question papers and solutions released by CBSE

CBSE Sample Papers 2020 Class 10 Social Science and solutions

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Wishing all the best to all CBSE Class 10 Students for the Social Science Board Examination!

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