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Previous Year CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Board Sample and School Prelim Question Papers

Sanskrit is one of the oldest language of India. The language has been prevalent since 3500 years in Indian history. It is part of the 22 languages in the Eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and Bengali owe their roots to Sanskrit. Sanskrit has been used prominently in Indian philosophical and religious books. The earliest Sanskrit form is Vedic Sanskrit. The earliest text written in Vedic Sanskrit is Rigveda.

TestPaperz is proud of CBSE to give students an option to study the language and preserve the culture of India. The Pre-board and Sample Question Papers for CBSE class 10 Sanskrit are prepared as per the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by CBSE Board. By solving these question papers one gets a pulse on his preparations. We also have Previous Year Board Question papers to give you an idea on the pattern, format and marking scheme. These question papers will give you the requisite confidence to face the Board Exams. Go ahead and download free CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Question papers and test yourself.

The Question Paper will be divided into four sections. It will test your reading, writing, comprehension and grammar skills. Literature carries the most marks with 30 marks followed closely by applied grammar with 25 marks, writing skills with 15 marks and reading comprehension with 10 marks as per 2019-20 guidance by CBSE Board. The overall Question Paper will be of 80 marks and duration would be 3 hours.

Previous Year CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Board Exam Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Preboard Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Sanskrit

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