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CBSE Class 10 Chapter-wise Mathematics Sample Question Papers

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Chapter-wise Question papers covers important questions basis CBSE syllabus and NCERT Textbooks expected in the exam. TestPaperz aggregates these sample question papers from multiple sources so as to provide students of Class 10 CBSE enough practice on a regular basis. Few of the important topics and chapters to be focused from the perspective of Board Exams:

  • Number System: The first topic of CBSE Class 10 Mathematics is more theoretical in nature. Some of the important topics covered in this chapter are Euclid’s division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic etc. The word problems are to be done properly.

  • Polynomials: Students should focus more on quadratic polynomials than on cubic polynomials. Questions in Class 10 CBSE Mathematics are mostly on zeros of polynomials and relations between the zeros of polynomials.

  • Linear Equations in Two variables: Students should focus on solving problems through elimination and cross multiplication method. Word problems especially on work, speed, time, upstream/downstream etc should be done properly.

  • Quadratic Equations: Polynomials with degree 2 are called quadratic equations. In this chapter students focus should be on solving problems through Shri Dharacharya formula or quadratic formula. Completing the squares and discriminant related problems are also important from board perspective.

  • Arithmetic Progressions: Problems based on nth term and sum of nth terms are really important. Word problems from AP are also to be done properly as they consist of some of the most challenging questions in CBSE class 10 Mathematics.

  • Coordinate Geometry: This is one of the most scoring topics of CBSE class 10 Mathematics. Focus should be on Distance formula, section formula and area of triangle.

  • Triangles: This topic requires good amount of time to be spent by the student. Proofs like Basic Proportionality theorem and Pythagorean theorem will mostly come in CBSE class 10 Mathematics Question paper. Problems related to Pythagorean theorem are challenging in nature and require a lot of practice.

  • Circles: This chapter is a continuation of circles of CBSE class 9 Mathematics. It has a lot of theorems and problems are to be solved using the theorems of class 9 and 10.

  • Constructions: Student can expect a 4 marks question in Class 10 Mathematics Board Exam Question Papers from Constructions. Two of the most important topics of constructions are Tangent to a circle from a point outside it and Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle.

  • Trigonometry: Most of the students of CBSE class 10 Mathematic are really afraid of this topic, but it is one of the most scoring topics as well. Students should lay special focus on trigonometry identities, t-ratios and complementary angles.

  • Height and Distance: Two of the main topics on which questions are based are angle of elevation and angle of depression. Word problems of height and distance can be solved by applying Trigonometry.

  • Areas Related to Circles: This chapter is formula based. Three important topics to study are length of the arc, area of sector and areas of segment. Students should lay special focus on calculations while solving questions of areas related to circles.

  • Surface Area and Volume: This chapter is formula based and a continuation of CBSE class 9 chapter on Surface Areas and Volumes. Students should solve frustum related problems properly. Problems on converting one type of solid into another are also important from CBSE Board exam perspective.

  • Statistics: Students need to do problems on mean, median and mode. Apart from this problem on cumulative frequency graphs are also important from CBSE class 10 Board Exam perspective.

  • Probability: Problems based on single and multiple events. This is a scoring topic.

The CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Chapter-wise Question Papers are prepared basis the above topics and will help student in a comprehensive preparation for their Exams.

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