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There are various languages spoken in India. We are proud of our diversity and CBSE Board strives to maintain this diversity by giving options to students to study various languages. One of the option available is Hindi which is one of the widely spoken languages in India. Hindi is also available in two options as Hindi Course -A and Hindi Course -B. One is for students who can comprehend it well and enhance their linguistic skills and another is for students who have the working knowledge and are interested in opting for the language though their native language might not be Hindi. The curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and, helps develops effective interpersonal communication skills.

Hindi is also used in our daily lives in majority part of the country hence we become too casual with it and think that it does not need special preparations and at the end we realise that if we had put in some efforts we could have done much better. We at TestPaperz provide you various Previous Year board question papers, sample papers and School Preboard Question Papers to give you an idea on the type of question papers you can expect. The question papers are as per the curriculum and syllabus of NCERT and CBSE Board. The question Papers are for available for Years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. CBSE Sample paper and Solution also available with marking scheme for year 2020. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for your Hindi Board exam.

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Previous Year CBSE Class 10 Hindi Board Exam Question Papers

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi School Preboard Question Papers

So go ahead and download free CBSE Class 10 Board Hindi question papers, Sample papers, Model Papers or School Preboard Question Papers and solve them at your convenience. All the Best for your Board Exams!!

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