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CBSE Class 10 Computer Applications Question paper 2019

CBSE Class 10 Computer Application Sample Question papers

CBSE has introduced Computer Application as an elective subject. Computers are now an integral part of the lives of human beings. Students who want to be a part of future action in the lives of human beings opt for Computers. This is the best stage to find if you are interested in this stream.

CBSE aims for the following outcomes from the students:

  1. Create simple websites
  2. Embed Images, Audio and Video in an HTML Page
  3. Usage of style sheet to beautify website pages
  4. Write iterative programs with Python/Scratch
  5. Interface a website with web server and record users request details
  6. Follow basic cyber ethics
  7. Familiarize with Network Concepts

There are five units as prescribed by CBSE in Class 10 Computer Application syllabus:

  • Networking
  • HTL
  • Cyber Ethics
  • Scratch/Python Theory
  • Practicals

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