Previous Years Maharashtra HSC Board Question Papers class 12 Secretarial Practices

Secretarial Practice is an important subject from business perspective. It helps students understand various business processes and the business environment. It helps students understand the type of companies. Students study about various government departments which are common in functioning of secretarial practices. The course acquaints the students on the importance of Board meetings, AGM, Statutory meetings and the correspondence associated with them. Secretarial Practices course can be highly relevant to people who want to pursue careers in Chartered Accountancy or as a Company Secretary. Testpaperz has compiled various Maharashtra Board Class 12 HSC Question Papers to give you a preview of the type of questions and structure of the question paper. Go ahead and download these question papers free of charge and practice them at your convenience. The practice of Previous year Maharashtra Board Class 12 HSC Question Papers on Secretarial Practice can be very useful in helping you prepare for your final exams. All the Best!

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