CBSE class 11 Biology Sample, School Prelim, Chapter wise practice Question papers

BIOLOGY COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS XI (2018-19) (THEORY) UNIT I: Diversity of Living Organisms (07 Marks) Unit II: Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals (12 Marks) Unit III: Cell: Structure and Function (15 Marks) Unit IV: Plant Physiology (18 Marks) Unit V: Title - Human Physiology (18 Marks) Total Theory Marks: 70 Total Practical Marks: 30 We at Testpaperz provides you a collection of CBSE Biology Class 11 Sample/ Chapter-wise Question papers. It will help you identify your strengths and weakness which can help you plan your studies to excel. CBSE Biology Class 11 Sample/ Chapter-wise Question papers are given below. Download the question papers free and start your preparations.

Sample Papers

School Prelims Test Paper

Chapter-wise Test Paper

Body Fluids and Circulation