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CBSE Class 12 Geography Board, Preboard, Sample and Chapter-wise Question Papers

CBSE has introduced Geography as an elective subject for Class 11 and 12. Students after studying general education for 10 years, start branching out at the beginning of Class 11 and are exposed to the rigors of the subject. This is also an entry point for higher education hence needs a detailed understanding of the discipline. For other students it is useful in daily life because it helps students inquire, understand and deliberate the environmental and social dimensions of the world.

Geography explores the connectivity between people and their environment, it helps acquaint on physical and human environments and their inter-relationship at different levels such as local, regional, national and global. The basic principles responsible for the differences in the distributional pattern of physical and human aspect and occurrences over the earth’s surface need to be understood thoroughly. Selected case studies are taken up from national and global context and application of these principles are understood. The physical and human environment of India and selected issues from geographical point of view are studied in great details. Learners are exposed to different processes and procedures used in geographical investigations

Objectives: The course in Geography will help students to:

  • Understand Important concepts, terms and core principles of Geography

  • Describe locations and matchup with Geographical viewpoint

  • List/describe how one place is linked to other place/places

  • List/describe what they expect to see, hear, and small at a place

  • Differentiate conditions and connections between places

  • Examine methodically and describe how conditions in one place van impact nearby places

  • Spot regions and places that are similar or related to each other

  • Elaborate and explain the spatial pattern features on a thematic map

  • Spot, identify and understand the procedure and patterns of the spatial arrangement of the natural aspects as well as human features and occurrences on the earths surface

  • Understand and examine methodically the correlation between physical and human environments and use this knowledge in deliberating on issues related to community

  • Use geographical knowledge and methods of inquiry to unfolding situations or problems at different levels- local, regional, national and global

  • Evolve geographical skills related to collection, processing, analytics of spatial information/data and preparation of reports, maps, graphs and use of computers etc

CBSE Class 12 Geography question paper accounts for 70 marks ( 3 hour duration). The practical work account for 30 marks.

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Previous Year CBSE Class 12 Geography Board Exam Question papers

Previous Year CBSE Class 12 Pre-board Geography School Question papers

CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers

CBSE Class 12 Geography syllabus covers the following units:

Part A: Fundamentals of Human Geography

  • Unit 1: Human Geography

  • Unit 2: People

  • Unit 3: Human Activities

  • Unit 4: Transport, Communication and Trade

  • Unit 5: Human settlements

  • Map Work

Part B: India: People and Economy

  • Unit 6: People

  • Unit 7: Human Settlements

  • Unit 8: Resources and Development

  • Unit 9: Transport, Communication and International Trade

  • Unit 10: Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems

  • Map Work

Part C: Practical Work

  • Unit 1: Processing of Data and Thematic Mapping

  • Unit 2: Field study or Spatial Information Technology

  • Practical Record Book and Viva Voce

For detailed syllabus please refer syllabus at CBSE Board Website

CBSE Board has prescribed following textbooks:

  1. Fundamentals of Human Geography (Class XII), Published by NCERT
  2. India - People and Economy (Class XII), Published by NCERT
  3. Practical Work in Geography (Class XII), Published by NCERT

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