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CBSE Board, Sample and Pre-board Basic Mathematics Question Paper 2020

CBSE Board, Sample and Pre-Board Mathematics Question Papers

CBSE has introduced Basic Level Mathematics in Class 10 from 2020 Board Exams. So now the student can pursue either of the two options – Standard Level Mathematics and Basic Level Mathematics.

This is a brilliant step taken by Central Board of Secondary Education. Students who were not good in Mathematics but wanted to have a basic level of understanding were at a disadvantage because they were not able to score good marks. This decision of CBSE has ensured that these students are also at par now with the remaining students. CBSE has also made it clear that there will be no dilution of Mathematics teaching. The idea is to make the evaluation more student centric and reduce the pressure on the students who do not intend to purse Mathematics as a subject from Class 11 onwards.

Students who do not intend to pursue Mathematics in Senior Secondary School can opt for Basic Mathematics but students who intend to pursue Mathematics in Class 11 and onwards should opt for Standard Level Mathematics. The Mathematics examination level before 2020 was Standard Level Examination. Standard level and Basic level Mathematics will be based on the same syllabus. However, the Standard-Level Mathematics assesses higher Mathematical abilities compared to Basic-Level. Accordingly, the difficulty level of the Basic level Mathematics is less than that of Standard Level Mathematics. Student can pursue only one option.

CBSE has also given an option to students who change their mind after opting for Basic level Mathematics. Such students who have changed their mind and now want to opt for Standard Mathematics can do so by appearing for standard level at the compartment examinations after passing the Basic level in the main board examination. If they are able to clear the standard mathematics level in compartment exams then they can pursue mathematics in class 11 and above.

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