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ICSE/ISC Date Sheet for Class 9, 1112-08-2018

CISCE has issued a circular to the heads of more than 2,100 affiliated schools states. The circular explicitly talks about the dates of examination  for classes IX and XI.

ICSE aims to complete class 11 examination withing Februrary. Exams are expected to start on Feb 1 and continue till 22 Feb. Whereas for class 9, ICSE is aiming to start the exams in mid Februrary. The tentative dates for class 9 exams are between Februrary 11 and 25. 

Up untill 2018 schools were free to set their own papers and their own schedule for examination, which lead to deviation from the prescribed syllabus of CICSE. The decision to standardize class 9 and 11 examination and make it in line with boards examination was taken  to ensure that schools teach only the syllabus prescribed for a particular class.

Some schools might face difficulty in completing the syllabus because of the loss of a fortnight of school time due to early examination, but then at least for this year students might have to live with it.