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5 Things That Will Make You Pick A Book05-09-2017

Know what, I hadn’t read a single novel until the third year of my college and life was amazingly complete for me. Books… Who reads them anyway?

The above question has a definitive answer. And I will give it to you - CEOs of 70 % of the top fortune 500 companies are voracious readers. They read almost a book a day!

I used to wonder how, Jack Welch and Bill Gates, got it all wrong, doing something, that was just a waste of time.

The answer was on its way. Somewhere in my third year I read my first ‘non-academic’ book -Positioning by Jack Trout and Al Ries, and believe me it changed my life. Idiscovered some lost treasure.

The more I read the more I realized what all I had been missing on. And today, my fascination towards books has reached a point where if someone offers me a ‘Time Machine’, I would go back in time just to read.

Let me tell you 5 things that might just motivate you to pick up your very first book.

Smarter is the new Smart – Day in and day out you will be meeting people as smart as you, if not more. A wide range of books under your belt will provide you with that extra ammunition to levitate your position.

Know a new World – Books will introduce you to a whole new world of Hobbits, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Seven Kingdom of The Game of Thrones. And believe me the excitement of traversing through these newly discovered worlds will be beyond your imagination. Try it to believe it!

Just Imagine – Why not watch a Harry Potter movie than spending 6 hours reading the book? Answer - A book leaves everything onto your perception, your imagination. And a movie unknowingly though (via characters appearance, background music, scenery etc.), casts a mould around your imagination thus restricting your thoughts. If your brain is a motor, then books are its oil. You need them for your brains efficient functioning.

Self-Satisfaction –Read a book and experience it. (Spoiler Alert! It will be worth your time.) Okay, I know you need to be motivated further. Hence a bonanza offer! Anyone interested in reading one of my books, can leave its name and your postal address in the comment section. I will send it across to you.

Excel – Simple Mathematics-A Person who read a book each summer vacation across his/her schooling is 1500 reading hours ahead of their counterparts who dint do so. Also they have read around 300 books and know 10000 words more than the non-readers. So, who has a brighter chance to excel?

Reading helpsyou get to the helm of whatever you want to do, wherever you want to reach. This isExperience talking.

People often tell me that they want to read but they’re not the reading kind or they just can’t get themselves to do it. Well the Next blog post might change your stance, as I unfold 5 ways to get busy with that time transporter which cuts you across dimensions of time and distance-Books.